Saundra Avalos

Buyer Specialist and Transaction Coordinator

About Saundra Avalos

After working as a secretary for Nora for several years, Saundra decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and got her real estate license in 2003, and joined Nora’s team in 2006. After all these years in the business, Saundra’s knowledge and experience make her able to handle the many different situations that can occur during a sales process.
Besides working closely with many buyers in pursuit of finding the right home or investment for them, Saundra is also the team’s transaction coordinator. Once one of the team’s clients have an accepted offer, Saundra takes care of sending all the information to the attorney’s to order contracts and makes sure they are expedited as efficiently as possible. Saundra also makes sure all appropriate steps are taken throughout the process: appraisal, termite inspection, final walk-through, etc. Saundra develops a relationship with all our team’s clients by the end of a transaction.